Toyota 4 Runner/Hilux/Surf

1987-1998 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Toyota 4ranner
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Systems of heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel and exhaust systems
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Transmission elements
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 10. Body
- 11. Electric equipment
   11.1. Specifications
   11.2. Battery
   + 11.3. System of ignition
   11.4. Coil (i) of ignition
   11.5. Ignition distributor
   11.6. Check and installation of the moment of ignition
   11.7. Block of electronic ignition
   11.8. Induction sensor
   + 11.9. System of a charge of the battery
   + 11:10. Generator
   11:11. System of launch of the engine
   + 11:12. Starter electric motor
   11:13. Traction relay
   11:14. Check of tension
   11:15. Detection of short circuit
   11:16. Check of reliability of grounding
   11:17. Check of integrity of a chain
   11:18. Finding of not closed chain
   11:19. Search of malfunctions
   11:20. Safety locks
   11:21. Fusible crossing points
   11:22. Breakers
   11:23. Relay
   11:24. Breaker of indexes of turn / alarm system
   11:25. Switch of indexes of turn
   11:26. Lock of ignition and drum of the lock
   11:27. Switch of external lighting
   11:28. Screen wiper switch
   11:29. Lamps of headlights
   11:30. Adjustment of headlights
   11:31. Headlight case
   11:32. Replacement of lamps
   11:33. Receiver and loudspeakers
   11:34. Antenna
   + 11:35. Screen wiper electric motor
   11:36. Switch of heating of back glass
   11:37. Heater of back glass
   11:38. Guard of devices
   11:39. Sound signal
   11:40. Electric drive of mirrors
   11:41. Cruise control
   + 11:42. Window regulator electric drive
   11:43. Electric drive of door locks
   11:44. Safety cushions
+ 12. Electrical circuitries


11. Electric equipment


The system of electric equipment has working voltage of 12 Volts and uses
negative grounding. Food for headlights and all other elements of electric equipment arrives from the lead-acid accumulator which is recharged from the generator.

In this chapter operations of repair and service for various elements of electric equipment which are not connected with the engine are described. Information on repair and service of the accumulator, the generator, the distributor of ignition and a starter can be found in the corresponding chapter.

It is necessary to notice that during the work with system of electric equipment it is necessary to disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator for prevention of short circuit and (or) ignition.


If the stereoplayer of your car has system of the coding, check whether you know a code of activation of the player before an accumulator detachment.

Detection of malfunctions in system of electric equipment

The typical electric chain consists of an element of electric equipment, switches, the relay, engines, safety locks, the burned-through crossing points or automatic switches and wires and connections which connect all elements among themselves and connect them to the accumulator and (mass) of the car. To simplify process of troubleshooting in the end of this chapter electric circuits of system of electric equipment of the car are provided.

Before check of a faulty chain, study the schematic diagram of this chain in the beginning to understand of what elements it consists. The source of malfunction can be found quicker if to define what of elements of this chain work normally. If several elements or chains fail at once, the problem probably consists in the fused safety lock or bad grounding as often one safety lock is responsible for several chains.

Problems with work of system of electric equipment are usually caused by the simple reasons, such as the oxidized or unreliable contacts, the fused safety lock, the fused burned-through crossing point or the faulty relay. Visually check a condition of all safety locks, wires (if it is possible) and connections in a faulty chain before check of other elements of this chain. If you are going to use instrumentations, use schematic diagrams to define what connections need to be checked for failure detection.

The main devices necessary for search of malfunction in electric equipment chain, are the voltmeter (or a bulb on 12 Volts with connecting wires), the device for check of integrity of chains, the accumulator with connecting wires and a cap wire, it is desirable with the automatic switch which can be used for parallel connection to a chain. Before search of malfunction with use of the control and measuring equipment, study schematic diagrams to define connection points.

System of electric equipment of the engine

The system of ignition, system of a charge of the battery and system of launch of the engine are a part of the system electric equipments of the engine.

At care of electric equipment follow the following rules.

At the idle engine it is forbidden to leave ignition included for a while bigger 10 minutes.

It is forbidden to disconnect cables from the battery on the working engine.

At the emergency launch of the engine from the battery of other car observe polarity of connection of the battery

Always disconnect the battery from weight first of all, and connect to weight in the last turn.